Women in Leadership Programme Sessions

What do the Programme’s sessions look like?

Session 1 – Discovery & Core Values: Your personal decision-making guide

In the Discovery part our first session together we discover what your goal is with respect to your leadership. What leadership dilemmas are you currently facing in your work (and personal life)? How would you like to respond to these?

In the second part, we unearth your Core Values. These are the essential ingredients in your life that sustain you – and that form the basis of your authentic leadership. You’ll be able to anchor yourself in your values: in what matters most to you. While maintaining a keen eye for your context, your values will become your personal decision-making guide in your leadership .

These steps of clarifying your goals for this programme, and discovering your authentic values are important steps towards clearing away any fog on your path and stepping into clarity.

Session 2 – Inner Critic: Navigating your voice of self-doubt

This session gives you the opportunity to gently dive into changing your relationship to your voice of self-doubt. You’ll learn how to recognise that inner critic voice when it shows up around you leadership, in all the ways it shows up (including the quiet, not-so-easy-to-catch ways!).

You’ll also learn what the function of your inner critic is, what it’s trying to do for you.

You’ll discover what are more helpful, loving, and effective ways of motivating and moving yourself forward instead. These news ways of responding to your Inner Critic ensure that you’ll feel more freedom in both your professional and personal life.

Session 3 – Wisest Self: Putting your inner source of leadership central in your external leadership

Now that you can navigate your Inner Critic, space frees up to connect with your Wisest Self, your well of self-confidence, authority, and authenticity. This is the calm, wise, clear part of yourself that just knows what the right course of action is for you in your responsibilities. It’s the part of you that knows what you need, and what your work needs. That knows exactly how to assert your boundaries. And that supports you to speak up more.

You’ll meet your Wisest Self through a special visualisation exercise. And you’ll uncover ways of fostering a loving relationship with her, growing more into her, and making this the core of your leadership.

Session 4 – Feedback: A new way of approaching praise & criticism

Here, you learn a completely new approach to feedback. We’ll shed a new, original light on both praise and criticism. You’ll even come to love the criticism and feedback you receive!

By the end of this session, you’ll have learned practical tools that will allow you to incorporate any type of feedback strategically – without landing in emotional turmoil around it.

Session 5 – Conclusion & Integration

In our final session together we tune in to some recent questions that you’ve been facing in your leadership and/or personal life, and check in with any remaining needs you might have around the topics we’ve covered.

We also look back at how you’ve grown – and celebrate that with a special closing ceremony!