Clingendael Institute: Workshop “Gender in an International Perspective” for a group of diplomats from Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Morocco

“The workshop was so interesting. We did a lot of excercises and had several debates, and the workshop was characterised by high interaction between Annemarie and us. Great!”

“Annemarie effectively turned the workshop into a memorable and enriching, positive interaction on gender issues. We were very much engaged through the group work. Thank you.”

Clingendael Institute: Lecture about socio-political developments in Egypt for a group of UNTSO (United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation) officers

“Annemarie gave us a great overview of the Egyptian social and political situation, supported with anecdotes, video material, and music. A really good learning experience and very inspiring.”

“A refreshing lecture. While we will not be posted to Egypt, this was a very valuable addition in terms of our preparations: the whole “Egypt package” in a nutshell and delivered in an accessible yet in-depth way.”

Dutch Ministry of Defence: Coaching trajectory about the Arab-Israeli conflict for high-level military officers (Higher Defence Training Course)

“Annemarie’s coaching was excellent. She provided me with a lot of information and was quick at giving feedback. Very professional, it could not be better!”

“I was very pleased with the time and energy that Annemarie invested in coaching team Syria. Her passion for the region is an inspiration.”

Islam Research Programme (IRP), Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Within the IRP, I carried out policy research about the position of women in Saudi Arabia:

“Annemarie van Geel did research in Saudi Arabia for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islam Research Programme (IRP) for which she published: ‘Whither the Saudi Woman? Gender Mixing, Empowerment and Modernity’ a very useful study on segregation and ikhtilat (gender mixing) in Saudi Arabia. During her fieldwork she was in frequent touch with the Embassy, and we thoroughly benefited from her insights into Saudi society. She managed to combine her academic mastery of the subject with a delightful sense of humor and a clear eye for the anecdotal. She also managed to discuss the sensitive issues of gender mixing and gender segregation without any prejudice, which made her gain the trust of her Saudi counterparts. The afore-mentioned publication plays an important role in our understanding of the position of women in Saudi society, and thus in the formulation of our policy towards gender issues in Saudi Arabia.” ~Willem van Rossem, Deputy Ambassador Dutch Embassy Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

World Press Photo: I carried out an evaluation- and advice trajectory for World Press Photo’s training programme for professional photo journalists from the Middle East and North Africa

“The evaluation showed us very clearly the ‘lessons learned’ from the project. Now that we are starting up a new training programme in North Africa we can apply these ‘lessons learned’, which Annemarie helped us make visible and understand.” ~ Eefje Ludwig, World Press Photo

University College Utrecht: Teaching the course ‘History and Politics of the Arab-Israeli Conflict’

“I really enjoyed this class, especially the variety in ways of learning. It was the most useful International Relations class I have taken so far and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to be in one of your classes again.”

“The class gave me an in-depth understanding of the history and the contemporary political dynamics of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The teacher is clearly an expert in the field and has interesting stories to tell.”

Webster University Leiden: Teaching the course ‘Islam, Past & Present’

“Awesome class. Annemarie challenged us a lot! I was impressed with her in-depth knowledge, and I really liked how we covered history as well as contemporary topics. Everything tied together so well. The mosque visit was inspiring and mind-broadening, definitely one of the highlights of the course!”

“I liked Annemarie’s high academic quality. She is clearly passionate about her subject and that made class very engaging. Her own curiosity made me more curious as well! I really liked the different things we did in class: the current events that we covered, the video that we watched, the debates, and the novel that we read. Her talking about her own experiences and research in relation to the class was really inspiring. Webster could use more instructors like this!”