Column: Syrian Standing Tall


Het volgende opiniestuk verscheen in de Syrian Times vlak voor het presidentiële ‘referendum’. Ik heb het integraal (inclusief grammatica- spel- en stijlfouten) daaruit overgenomen. Dit om te laten zien wat voor soort opiniestukken je zoal te lezen krijgt in een dictatuur. Persoonlijk is mijn favoriete zinsnede “he [Bashar al-Assad] has been very close and very intimate to every citizen.”  Tsja, hij heeft die inlichtingendiensten tenslotte niet voor niets… Verder is dit opiniestuk interessant omdat principes als ‘freedom’, ‘dignity’ en ‘democracy’, die zo haaks staan op een dictatuur, juist worden aangewend ter legitimering ervan.

Syria Standing Tall

As the date of the presidential referendum in the country draws nearer, developments in the region seems to be turning more decisive and more critical. Although regional events have been so fierce and complicated in the recent years, Syria’s stances and stands have remained clear, firm and reasonable. President Bashar al-Assad has been the leader of a nation threatened with the ugliest wars of annihilation and terror. Wars have been launched on Arabs and Muslims to destroy their past, present and future. Palestine and Iraq, as well as Lebanon are just examples of the barbaric onslaught being directed against this nation. Under the leadership of President Bashar, the country has got stronger and has been able to repel aggressions. Syria has been steadfast and defended the Arab causes with all means and all capabilities available.

The solid grounds on which this country is still standing tall and honourable is the making of the late great leader Hafez al-Assad, who built modern Syria on the basis of freedom, democracy and dignity. Throughout his first Presidential term, Bashar al-Assad has added more strength, dignity and freedom to the great national edifice and consolidated national unity and amity among all citizens. He has been very close and very intimate to every citizen and aware of the people’s suffering and offered all support and all means of hunourable life and living to them. Therefore, the President was an example of the countrymen to follow. He feels and suffers like others and spares no effort to ease his countrymen’s suffering. Such atmosphere of amity and trust between the leader and people has created a strong internal front which repelled the most atrocious plots and conspiracies concocted against Syria and the Arab nation.

In the past seven years, Syria has been subject to most dangerous plots to bring her to knees. President Bashar’s brave stances foiled these plots. His critical vision was decisive and clear. Before Iraq invasion, he warned the American administration that even if they won the war and occupied this Arab country, national resistance would begin next day and they would never be able to stop it.

On Palestine, Lebanon and other regional issues, the President’s stances have been crystal clear and developments have proved Syria’s policy as valid and logical. All attempts to isolate Syria have been a fiasco. Syria remained standing tall with her President defending her and leading people with dignity and pride.

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